Research Themes

Research Themes

Water, Wind, Earth of Fire, we tackle the lot!

Our themes and areas of research are diverse, all focused on making buildings more livable, more sustainable, more cost-effective, and kinder to our environment.

energyefficiencyEnergy: Sustainable and Efficient Utilisation, Generation and Storage

- Micro-grid (building scale or precinct scale)
- Ground source heat pumps
- Phase Change Material (PCM) applications
- Photovoltaic-Thermal (PVT) systems
- Demand-side management and Distributed generation
- Energy informatics/intelligent built environment
- Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB)  



resilienceSustainable and Resilient Buildings: Construction, Performance, Retrofit, Precincts and Supply Chain

- Aged care
- Urban heat island
- Thermal comfort and heatwaves
- Green and cool roofs, and walls
- Bushfire
- Flood  


humanHuman Factors: Comfort, Health and Wellbeing

- Aged care
- Low income households
- Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)
- Thermal Comfort
- Facilitating deep retrofits    




materialsAutomation, Sensing and Control

- Building Information Modelling (BIM)
- Building fabric upgrades
- Heat and moisture transfer in buildings
- Building Management Systems (BMS)
- Smart home systems




modellingModelling and Decision Support Systems

- Building energy modelling
- Cost benefit analysis
- Decision support systems
- Life cycle analysis

Last reviewed: 8 May, 2019