Future Students

Opportunities for Research Students

A wide range of potential research topics are available for new PhD and Masters students at the SBRC.  Some example research areas and topics are listed below.

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Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization of Buildings

  • Theoretical modelling and field testing of retrofitting technologies for energy efficiency of residential buildings.
  • CFD analysis of thermal comfort in natural and mixed mode task-based HVAC systems in commercial buildings.
  • Thermal comfort in mixed mode buildings with occupant control systems.
  • Development of a virtual reality simulation of the thermal and ventilation performance of houses for increased occupant awareness and increased energy efficiency and thermal comfort.
  • Building Management Systems in residential buildings to control windows, and other building elements to to maximise thermal comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Development of a methodology to determine optimum levels of retrofitting and/or accelerating retirement of Australian residential and commercial buildings .
  • Use of technologies such as thermographic cameras to determine in-situ thermal performance of building elements.
  • A computational and experimental study of the influence of air-tightness of Australian buildings on energy efficiency, indoor air quality and thermal comfort.
  • Design and evaluation of a program of residential dwelling retrofitting for energy efficiency.
  • Retrofitting Australian dwellings to minimise heat stress and other medical impacts during heat waves.
  • Development of advanced PVT (Photovoltaic Thermal) roof systems for air heating/cooling and electricity production.
  • Assessment of current Australian building sustainability rating systems against other systems worldwide.
  • Development of high efficiency/low cost heat and mass transfer exchangers for tropical environments.
  • Natural ventilation studies of buildings. 

Electrical Demand Side Management and Renewable Energy 

  • Development of mobile energy and indoor environment quality monitoring equipment for residential and commercial building retrofit evaluation.
  • Optimising the economic and technical considerations for retrofit of embedded generation into commercial buildings and precincts.
  • Modelling, control and performance measurement of the commercial building renewable energy micro-grid (SBRC as test-bed).
  • Development and control of micro-grid and building energy management systems for net zero energy buildings (SBRC as a test-bed).
  • Green IT strategies for net zero energy buildings.
  • Authentic case study development for energy efficiency teaching.

Sustainable Construction and Maintenance

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) to optimize retrofitting project management
  • Green facades and roofs – retrofitting options, plant selection, maintenance, etc
  • Lightweight retrofitting elements for commercial buildings (for manual installation, etc)
  • BIM systems for use in holistic Facilities Management and maintenance.
  • Retrofitting systems for reinforced concrete buildings to prevent potential pro-gressive collapse.
  • New materials and composites for sustainable building construction. 

Human-Technology Interface, Health and Cultural Issues

  • Consumer choice drivers and cultural perspectives in the purchase of household environmental products (air conditioning, appliances, etc).
  • Determination of how people use their buildings/appliances – educate to reduce emissions
  • Influence of day-to-day behaviour of occupants in the effectiveness of sustainability education programs for occupants of municipal housing.
  • Development of a decision support system to prioritise public housing retrofitting for sustainability (GIS data, etc).
  • Moving from reactive to proactive maintenance for sustainability of public housing
  • Commercial buildings occupant behaviours and attitudes before/after retrofit.
  • Residential retrofit outcomes in terms of attitudes and actual emission reductions.

Sustainable Water Systems in Buildings

  • Solar thermal membrane distillation systems.
  • Theoretical and experimental modelling of the implications of reduced water flow from water efficiency measures on increased sewer blockages.
  • Retrofitting grey and black water systems in residential and commercial buildings.
  • Optimisation of the water-energy nexus in the built environment. 

Potential research students who would like more information, such as supervisors in particular areas of research expertise, please contact us.

Last reviewed: 6 December, 2018