The SBRC Facility

Meaningful applied research requires a cutting-edge facility, and the 6 Star Green Star- Education Design v1 accredited Sustainable Buildings Research Centre goes above and beyond to achieve this.

As a Living Laboratory, the SBRC provides a demonstration space for display of sustainable building technologies and components that will be of benefit to the sustainable buildings industry.

SBRC facilities include:

  • Large Scale Integrated Component Testing Lab
  • Electrical Power Quality, Renewable Generation and Storage Lab
  • Water Sustainability Lab
  • Thermal Analysis and Simulation Lab
  • Roof Top Testing Lab
  • Building Performance and Monitoring Lab
  • Sustainability Training Hall
  • Collaborative Partner Space


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The SBRC Building Galleries

The Sustainable Buildings Research Centre

The SBRC Building- September 2013

SBRC Render Gallery

The SBRC Building- Artists Impression


Innovation Campus

SBRC is located at the University of Wollongong's Innovation Campus (iC). The iC precinct aims to provide an environment for commercial and research entities to co-locate with UOW teams to establish successful and productive partnerships.

The Innovation Campus is located in Wollongong, NSW (one hour south of Sydney).

Last reviewed: 30 May, 2017