Senior Academic and Research Staff

Senior Academic and Research Staff

Get to know our key academic and research staff.


Senior Professor Paul Cooper

Paul CooperDirector
Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC)
02 4221 3355

Research Interests
  • Ventilation, pollution control and energy conservation in buildings
  • Renewable Energy Technologies

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Deputy Director

Associate Professor Duane Robinson

Dr Duane Robinson

Deputy Director and Senior Lecturer
School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering
02 4221 4530

Research Interests
  • Energy efficiency in networks and at point of utilisation
  • Monitoring building performance for energy efficiency
  • Microgrids, renewables and distributed generation
  • Power quality and mitigation techniques 

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Senior Lecturers

Dr Georgios Kokogiannakis

Senior Lecturergeorgios
School of Mechanical, Materials, Mechatronic and Biomedical Engineering
Sustainable Buildings Research Centre
4221 5795 

Research Interests
  • Building energy modelling and monitoring
  • Energy efficient building design
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Healthy building environments
  • Smart ventilation systems
  • Green roofs and living walls
  • Experimental and inter-model comparison validation techniques
  • Modelling of phase change materials
  • Energy and carbon ratings
  • Building energy performance regulations

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Dr Zhenjun Ma

Dr Zhenjun Ma

Senior Lecturer
Sustainable Buildings Research Centre
02 4221 4143

Research Interests
  • Optimal and robust control of building energy systems
  • Phase change materials and their applications in buildings
  • Low energy technologies and zero emission buildings
  • Dynamic modelling and simulation of building energy systems
  • HVAC and BMS system fault detection and diagnosis
  • Solar photovoltaic thermal systems and advanced solar-driven air-conditioning systems
  • Ground source heat pumps

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Professor Tim McCarthy

Professor Tim McCarthy

Acting Head of School
Director Engineering and Mathematics Education Research Group (EMERG)
Academic Adviser Team UOW Australia – Solar Decathlon Middle East
School of Civil Mining and Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
02 4221 4591

Research Interests
  • Sustainable buildings
  • Engineering Education Research
  • Design of Steel Structures
  • Conceptual Design
  • Information Modelling
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Design
  • Integrated Design Systems
  • Information and knowledge management in Construction
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Performance based multi-criterion optimization
  • Ecologically sustainable Structural Design
  • Mooring design for floating offshore structures​

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Senior Research

Scott Beazley

Scott Beazley

Senior Research Fellow
Sustainable Building Research Centre
02 4221 8111


Research Interests 
  • BIM (Building Information Modelling)
  • Building design collaboration
  • Sustainable Building Design
  • Digital model checking and validation
  • Linking 3D models with 4D(time) and 5D(cost)
  • Building data exchanges: IFC: Industry Foundation Classes, IDM: Information Delivery Manuals
  • Interoperability of building design and analysis software​


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Research Fellow

Dr Aziz Ahmed

AzizAssociate Research Fellow
Steel Research HUB and Sustainable Buildings Research Centre
02 4239 2168

Research Interests
  • Cold formed Steel Structures
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Ice-structure interaction
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Marine Structural Steel Connections
  • High-rise concrete structures
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • FRP based Structural Retrofit

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Dr Daniel Daly

DANIEL DALYAssociate Research Fellow
Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC)
02 4239 2130

Research Interests 
  • Energy efficient building design
  • Existing building retrofit strategies
  • Building energy modelling
  • Human factors in building sustainability
  • Building energy rating schemes 

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Alberto Escribano

AlbertoResearch Fellow
Sustainable Buildings Research Centre

Research interests:
  • TQM strategies and tactics in construction industry
  • Manufacturing principles applied to building processes
  • Modular construction
  • New approaches of supply chain strategy 

Dr Massimo Fiorentini

Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC)
02 4239 2145 

Research Interests
  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Energy Management and Model Predictive Control
  • Modelling of Building Energy Systems
  • Intelligent Ventilation Systems

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Alan Green

Alan GreenResearch Fellow
Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC)

Research Interests
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Technologies for improved building thermal performance
  • Building resilience to bushfire
  • Experimental assessment of building element thermos-physical properties

Dr Emma Heffernan


Research Fellow
Sustainable Buildings Research Centre
02 4239 2143

Research Interests
  • Energy efficient design in residential buildings
  • Sustainable communities
  • Sustainable construction
  • Building energy modelling
  • Climate change adaptation

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Michael Tibbs

micheaelTEnergy Efficiency Research Fellow
Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC)
02 4221 3677

Research Interests
  • Energy efficiency retrofits for residential buildings
  • Building energy efficiency characterisation tools
  • Remote area wind power generation and storage system integration

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Associate Research Fellows

Dr Laia Ledo

Laia LedoAssociate Research Fellow
Sustainable Buildings Research Centre
4221 2135

Research Interests
  • Building Energy Modelling
  • Building Energy Performance Evaluation
  • Indoor Environmental Quality Assessment
  • Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE)

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Federico Tartarini

AzizAssociate Research Fellow
Sustainable Buildings Research Centre
4239 2109

Research interests:
  • Thermal comfort and Indoor Environmental Quality;
  • Renewable energy technologies;
  • HVAC and BMS system fault detection and diagnosis.

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Last reviewed: 24 September, 2018