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A Holistic Approach to Sustainable Buildings

Buildings have major economic, environmental and social impacts on our community and the planet.  Between a quarter and a half of all greenhouse emissions result from our use of buildings.

About Us

Our Vision

The Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC) is a multi-disciplinary facility that aims to be a leader in ideas and solutions that address the challenge of transforming our buildings and built environment into sustainable, resilient and effective places in which people live and work.

 SBRC Solar Panels

Our mission is to lead an evidence-based conversation with a broad and deep network of change agents through research, education, demonstration and advice.

The SBRC brings together researchers, students and industry to:

  • Develop, prototype and test sustainable building technologies and designs for residential and commercial applications
  • Perform in-depth experimental and theoretical analysis of the thermal design of buildings
  • Develop architectural and structural design tools to facilitate the inclusion of ecological costing throughout the design phase of buildings (e.g. water, embodied energy, carbon)
  • Investigate day-to-day behaviour of building occupants to improve our effectiveness of building use and design and improve the uptake of environmentally sustainable technologies
  • Develop novel control systems and sensor technology for improving building performance
  • Develop novel modelling tools to aid sustainable design

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SBRC Brochure

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The aim of the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre is to research, collaborate, and link with industry to meet the challenge of improving the performance of our new and existing building stock focused on making buildings more livable, more sustainable, more cost-effective and kinder to our environment. 

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The development of the SBRC has been made possible through generous grants from the Australian Commonwealth Government under the Education Investment Fund (EIF) and NSW Trade & Investment under the Science Leveraging Fund (SLF).


Last reviewed: 2 July, 2019